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Cabinet Refacing Can Help You Change the Look of Your Kitchen at a Lower Price

When a person first decides to remodel their kitchen, they may find the overall cost to be staggering. The cabinets that are chosen can account for up to a third of the overall cost. One easy way to cut back on the amount that youíll have to spend on your kitchen remodeling project is to reface your cabinets instead of replacing them completely. Not only will this help to achieve the new look that you want, it will still help to improve the value of your house as well.

Real estate agents tell people that the kitchen and the bathrooms are what will help you sell your house. Having new cabinets installed can increase the cost of your remodeling project, especially if you have to hire a professional to do the work for you. Instead of installing a new set of cabinets, try using cabinet refacing to get the look of new cabinets at a fraction of the cost. One incredibly easy way to go about doing so is with paint and a little imagination.

First, you need to decide on an overall theme for the room. Once youíve done that, you can purchase paint in a color that will compliment the theme youíve selected. Next, remove everything from inside of your cabinets and then remove the doors. Lightly sand the doors to remove any existing varnish or paint. Any cracks, breaks, or holes that you find can be filled in with putty, and then sanded down to ensure you have an even surface to work with. Apply a coat of primer paint on the inner and outer surface of your doors, and then you can begin to paint them. You may choose to paint the doors the same color as the cabinets themselves, or choose a different color for both.

A second way that you can give your cabinets a new look at a much lower price is with veneer. Pressure sensitive veneer is a popular choice for cabinet refacing, as it can give your cabinets an instant facelift. Veneer is made of cabinet grade wood, and is available in a many different types of wood as well as a variety of colors and finishes. Best of all, veneer if fairly simply to apply. It does take a bit of time and precision, but overall it is a much less complex, time consuming, and costly project than replacing your cabinets completely.

Another very easy and inexpensive way to update the look of your cabinets without having to hire a professional is by giving them a thorough cleaning and updating the knobs, bars, and pulls. When deciding what youíre going to replace your existing hardware with, be sure to stay away from the type that you already have. You want to give the cabinets a new look, so select something with a different or distinct look, something that goes along with the new theme you have in mind for your kitchen. New hardware, combined with a fresh coat of paint or new veneer, can give your cabinets the updated look that youíve been wanting.

A kitchen remodeling project can be quite costly, but there are many things that you can do in order to cut back on the price. If you donít need new cabinets but want to change the way that they look in order to pull together the new look for your kitchen, then going with a cabinet refacing plan instead of a replacement plan can save you a lot of money. Besides veneer, painting, and new hardware, you may also wish to look into adding new trim and crown molding in order to complete the look.

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