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Can You Live Without Health Insurance?

Now thereís a risky question, sure to upset some people in the healthcare business. Pharmaceutical companies, clinics and hospitals hate the fact that some people continue to live without health insurance, and probably despise people who encourage this rebellious streak all the more so. After all, nobody should have to pay for health insurance. Just look at other countries in the U.K. or in Canada that provide free healthcare to their citizens. In a perfect world, American healthcare would be absolutely free of charge. Service with a smile, right? Lung surgery should be just as easy as ordering a Big Mac or a pack of cigarettes.

That said, we have to get in touch with the real world. Like it or not, America does not offer free healthcare, and even if they wanted to, itís virtually impossible in this time of economic crisis. There is the option of low-cost clinics that are mainly non-profit institutions and that charge according to how much income an individual makes. Nevertheless, these clinics do charge for their services, much like all hospitals, clinics and physicians do.

Yes, it is completely legal to live without health insurance. Some might even argue that health insurance is not required, particularly if an individual takes care of himself. However, the difference between having insurance and having no insurance is evident when you are given a $20,000 medical bill! Emergency room hospitals typically charge thousands of dollars for treatment. If you canít immediately pay the bill then you will be billed the amount and this unpaid debt goes on your credit report.

While emergency rooms cannot turn away ailing patients, clinics do have that right and usually donít want to deal with patients that have no insurance program. The reason being that most patients who lack health insurance are incapable of paying their bills and so the clinic eventually loses money. Even the clinics that do offer treatment to patients without insurance expect payment in fullóand this bill could cost anywhere from $75 to hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on tests and treatment given.

You donít need insurance to get a prescription, nor to buy pharmaceutical drugs. However, without any form of health insurance you could be paying 50-75% more than you have to. In the end, paying for health insurance actually saves you money. The likelihood that you will never get sick or need a doctorís attention is very low indeed. Human beings are always suffering from something; we are not invulnerable to injury, disease, or mental and physical dysfunctions.

Some individuals never worry about health insurance because the corporation they work for orders group health insurance for its employees. If the policy is a good one, then there may be no reason to look outside the company for coverage. However, persons who are self-employed or who have a minimal amount of coverage with the group policy should be on the lookout for an affordable health insurance plan. If you have a family, then itís not simply yourself that you are denying medical attention. You also have to worry about your spouse and children and take into consideration all of their physical and pharmaceutical needs.

Another commonly made mistake in health insurance is that persons wait too long before ordering a policy. They figure thereís no sense in wasting money while they are young and healthy. Unfortunately, disease and other medical problems can appear quickly and often times without warning. By the time you are affected by a serious injury or a medical condition, the insurance company thinks of you as too much of a risk. For your own physical wellbeing and for that of your familyís, look for an affordable health insurance policy today.

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