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Choosing and Understanding Vinyl Siding

Anyone living in a house with wood or other painted external elements knows how frustrating the yearly home maintenance can be. Even owners of brick or block homes usually face dealing with wood eves or window frames. Wood has to be painted, must be cared for in the event of rot, and is susceptible to many environmental factors.

The reason that most people choose vinyl siding is the ease of care and simple maintenance requirements. However, another excellent reason to make the siding switch is the added energy efficiency to the home.

Vinyl siding is very easy to care for, offers energy efficiency, and creates a clean modern look for a house. If you are thinking about having your home fitted with vinyl siding, make sure to consider these suggestions.

The first decision you will need to make is color. You will want to choose a color that will, not only compliment your home, but will also be a choice you will enjoy for years to come. Make sure that the color you choose is not a trendy or “of the moment” type, since the siding will be a lasting part of your home. You will be disappointed if the stylish hue this year becomes the tacky choice two years from now.

If you would prefer a more rustic look, vinyl siding is available in styles that appear to be wood or cedar. Rustic wood siding normally requires an inordinate amount of care and maintenance, but you can achieve the same look with vinyl.

Second, when you are shopping for siding, you need to remember two important things. Make sure to choose a dealer who has a good reputation for being dependable and professional. A negative experience with a siding dealer and installer can leave you frustrated and facing a less than par job on your siding installation.

Also, be careful about your choice of siding brand. Not all vinyl siding brands are the same, and many lower priced choices include other materials in their making. Siding that is not one hundred percent vinyl will be very susceptible to cracking, breaking and peeling. If you are unsure about your brand of choice, ask a representative before making the decision final.

One other consideration you need to make in choosing a siding is warranty. Various manufacturers offer different warranty options, so make sure you are happy and comfortable with the warranty from the siding brand you choose.

After you have chosen your siding preference, the brand you wish to purchase, and the dealer to buy from, you will be ready to make the acquisition. You will need to consider the siding for the house as well as trim, eaves, and framing you also need.

When adding vinyl siding to your home, you will be most satisfied with the results if you go ahead and place vinyl on the trim of the house too.

When deciding on an installer, you may wish to use the installation service of the selling company, or you may choose to hire someone else to install the siding. Before deciding on an installer, make sure that you are comfortable with the company and you have been completely informed on the installation process.

Part of the process of installation involves a liner that is placed between your home and the new siding. Make sure that the installer uses the correct lining for the safety and longevity of your home.

Once your siding has been installed, you will be able to enjoy the look of your home for years to come. As far as maintenance, you will just need to wash the siding with soap and water occasionally. You will no longer need to strip, scrape and paint your home.

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