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Debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple unsecured debts (like credit card and personal loans) into one loan with one repayment.
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Debt Consolidation

You may have more than one debt. You can be worried by high interest credit cards, loans and mortgages. To pay off one debt you may need to borrow from someone else, creating yet another debt. The right solution to this problem is debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple unsecured debts (like credit card and personal loans) into one loan with one repayment. For example, if you have three credit cards, you may be able to eliminate your credit card debtby getting a debt consolidation loan to pay off the credit cards, so that you only have one payment each month instead of three. You replace many payments each month with only one payment, which should make your monthly household budgeting easier.

This loan usually will be at a lower interest rate than your debt, therefore saving you hundreds of dollars in interest. Debt consolidation loans can pay off high interest credit card debt, student loans, and more.

The benefits to you might be:

  • One loan with only one repayment
  • Dealing with only one creditor
  • Lower monthly repayments
  • A lower interest rate
  • Getting back in control of your debts sooner

As soon as you fill the quote form and contact us we'll discuss the various methods of relief, including consolidation loan packages. We'll help you secure interest rates as much as 50 percent beneath what you are currently paying. We'll coordinate the restoration of your credit rating within the first 12 months of your plan.

When you signup with a debt consolidation program, notifies your creditors and demand they stop contacting you. It usually takes about 30 days for them to stop contacting you. In the meantime, you will keep a creditor log of every phone call or letter that you receive from a creditor and report it to us.

Consolidating several high-interest loans into one low, manageable payment can dramatically free up your cash. You can borrow extra for that new car or boat, to pay for your dream holiday or so you can have the new windows or conservatory put in. The choice is yours, as long as you do not over-borrow.

Our staff are available to assist you with any question you may have about debt consolidation loans.

Take the first step in gaining control of your debt by applying for a free no-hassle debt consolidation evaluation. Whatever your circumstances, we hope be able to offer a solution. To allow us to help, please fill in our custom quote form below and we will assist you in understanding what the best options in your individual case may be.
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