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Helpful Information for Choosing an Auto Warranty

An auto warranty is offered in two ways. The first is known as the manufacturer’s warranty and second, the aftermarket extended warranty. The first option is coverage that comes from the manufacturer through the dealership on a new vehicle. This type of auto warranty includes a bumper-to-bumper coverage, which is for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, some manufacturers offer an addition to this in the form of a power train warranty, meaning along with the electrical and mechanical components being covered, the transmission and engine are also covered.

Prior to the manufacturer’s auto warranty expiring or when a person purchases a used car, an option for protection is also offered in the form of an aftermarket extended warranty. Known by other names to include service contract, mechanical breakdown agreement, auto protection, and maintenance agreement, the foundation is that specific things that breakdown would be covered. If the vehicle were to experience wear or mechanical failure beyond what the manufacturer expects, labor, parts, and other repair costs would be paid.

One of the most important decisions associated with an aftermarket extended auto warranty would be choosing the right provider. The company should be one with a solid reputation and with a long history in the business. People can talk to the dealership where the vehicle was purchased for recommendations or ask family and friends if they have recommendations. If not, the individual could conduct online research to locate several options, both brick and mortar and online.

An aftermarket extended auto warranty covers all types of vehicles in addition to a traditional car to include sports utility vehicles, sports cars, mini- or full-size vans, trucks, and luxury cars. Obviously, when something goes wrong on a car, owners cringe at the thought of paying. As an example, to have a new engine put into a car could easily cost upwards of $2,500. With this being a tight financial economy, paying for a warranty makes much more sense.

People need to understand that an extended warranty could be purchased at any time. Most people think this has to be done at the time of buying a new vehicle but in truth, many companies provide this type of coverage whenever needed. This auto warranty option is usually very affordable and when comparing the high costs of car repairs, an investment that every car owner should consider.

People that want an extended auto warranty need to determine the level of coverage most interested in purchasing. For example, if the owner expects to drive the car for some time, then an extended warranty would likely come in handy at some point. This way, if something unexpected were to happen, rather than the owner being in upside down on expenses, the auto warranty would kick in so the repairs could be done.

After several different companies had been identified as possibilities for purchasing an auto warranty, the individual should always look over the contract carefully, reading every word. Reputable companies would explain in detail the things that the auto warranty would and would not cover but unfortunately, dishonest companies often hide terms or fees in the fine print. Therefore, taking time to read the contract completely would be to the person’s benefit.

Finally, many of the better extended auto warranty plans cover not only electrical and mechanical repairs but they also provide assistance with vehicle maintenance, deductions on the cost of a rental car, and roadside service. Typically, an aftermarket extended warranty would have duration of two to seven years while increasing the number of miles that were originally covered through the manufacturer’s warranty. The key is to shop around and look at all options to find the right type and best auto warranty coverage available.

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