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Hire an Attorney for Tax Debt Relief Involving Fraud

When individuals find themselves facing serious IRS tax debt problems, they're usually at a loss as to what to do. Minor tax problems such as an inability to pay on time or a mistake in calculations can usually be handled in a straightforward manner by taxpayers themselves. Yet when the IRS accuses you of tax fraud, it's wise to seek out professional help for tax debt relief.

Why is it so important to obtain professional help when tax fraud allegations are made? The simple answer is, the IRS is notoriously slow when it comes to responding to taxpayers' objections to fraud allegations. Responding to each accusation leveled properly can help make the process of objecting more efficient and more likely to be resolved in your favor.

A second reason you should obtain professional tax debt relief help in response to allegations of fraud is the power the IRS has when it comes to collections. Even if the charges they make against you are wrong, they have the authority to seize assets for payment. This can happen very quickly, so it's important to take action to prevent such collections procedures from taking place.

Consider too that if it does turn out you've unknowingly engaged in fraudulent tax reporting, a professional can help negotiate what will likely amount to very substantial penalties and fees.

The Advantages of a Tax Attorney

In the case of some tax issues, it isn't always necessary to hire a tax attorney. In fact, in certain circumstances it's to taxpayers' advantage to rely on an Enrolled Agent or even a CPA for assistance with tax issues. This isn't the case when it comes to tax fraud allegations, however. Your best recourse for this type of tax debt relief is to seek out the services of a professional tax attorney.

The most important benefit of relying on a tax attorney in cases of fraud allegations is complete confidentiality. Your attorney cannot be forced to testify against you, whereas other tax professionals such as CPAs may be legally bound to do so. If the IRS testifies against you, you can rest assured your tax attorney will not be legally required to provide information that could harm your case.

A second advantage of relying on a tax attorney for tax debt relief related to fraud is that an attorney can offer you legal options and services other tax professionals cannot. A CPA for instance may not be aware that tax bankruptcy is your best option. Even if another professional does recommend legal options for your case, you will still need to hire an attorney to facilitate legal actions. By neglecting to hire a tax attorney in the first place, you may end up paying for two professionals instead of just one.

Tax attorneys are also likely to be better at negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. Tax fraud charges can be very complicated and involve detailed aspects of tax law. An attorney is more likely to understand and be able to negotiate within the complexities of tax law and the legal system.

Where to Find a Tax Attorney

When you're facing IRS tax fraud charges, it's important to act fast to hire an attorney for tax debt relief and assistance. That doesn't mean you should settle for inexperienced or unqualified legal assistance, however.

You can easily find a reputable, experienced and affordable tax attorney locally or through Internet resources. In some cases, tax debt relief companies offer access to affordable, qualified tax attorneys who are well experienced in handling tax fraud cases. Alternatively, you can seek out and hire a tax attorney on your own by researching tax attorney practices online.

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