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Options for Cabinet Refacing

For ugly or outdated kitchen cabinets, homeowners have two primary options. The first would be to replace the cabinets with something brand new. Obviously, the transformation would be amazing but it would come at a high cost. New cabinets easily cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the number of cabinets, the species of wood, the design, hardware, and the contractor’s price for installation. The second option would be to reface the cabinets, which would improve the appearance of the cabinets while enhancing and updating the entire kitchen. Known as cabinet refacing, this second option leaves the existing cabinets intact while changing the appearance of the panels on cabinets and drawers.

Of all rooms in the home, the kitchen is the most important, the heart of the home where people love to gather or hang out. Whether the homeowner wants a revitalized look for his or her own personal use or plans to sell the home, the kitchen needs the most attention. With so many people currently living on a tight budget, it hard to justify the cost to replace cabinets, which is why cabinet refacing is such a viable solution. The process is relatively easy to complete and when done right, the results are tremendous.

Cabinet refacing is a project that a professional cabinetmaker or contractor could complete, but to save a significant amount of money, it is also a project that the homeowner might consider taking on. Using basic tools, choosing the right materials, and investing time are all the person needs. The most important thing is that before this type of project is started, it is important that the cabinets be thoroughly cleaned. After all, the cleaner the cabinets the better the refacing will be.

While cabinet refacing takes time, this is also a more flexible option for updating the appearance of the kitchen. This process can be done in a number of ways depending on the look the homeowner wants to achieve. For instance, the cabinets could be refaced by removing the existing stain or paint, after which time a new finish would be applied. Again, the most important part of this process would be for the surface to be completely void of grease, oil, dirt, or other residue, creating a clean slate on which new paint or stain would be applied. Often, a homeowner would invest in new hardware once the cabinets were done, giving the kitchen a brand new look.

Another option for cabinet refacing would be for the panel insert on the front of the doors and drawers to be cut out and replaced with another material. As an example, if a homeowner wants to create a more contemporary style kitchen, the panel would be cut out and then replaced with Plexiglas. To create a more dramatic look, low volt lighting could be added to the inside of the cabinet to highlight favorite dishes. For a European look, the replacement material could be copper or silver mesh.

With this option of cabinet refacing, the homeowner would need to use the right type of tools for making clean cuts. With tons of online videos, the process could be learned in no time and with exceptional results. With the wooden panel removed, the mesh or Plexiglas piece would be measured so it fits over the open hole but this piece would need an extra inch all the around, allowing it to be attached on the inside of the cabinet door.

Cabinet refacing could also be done using high quality self-sticking veneers. These veneers have a strong paper backing that is simply peeled off and applied directly onto the existing doors using extreme heat. The great news is that many companies sell hundreds of veneer options, allowing the homeowner to create whatever look he or she wants. Once the cabinet refacing is complete, the kitchen would look like an entirely different room and best of all, for about 80% less than what a person would pay to have new cabinets installed!

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