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Use New Siding to Give Your Home a Facelift

When you want to give the exterior of your home a facelift, few things will improve the overall look of your house as siding. There are several different types of siding available, each of which will impact the look of your home in a different way. It’s important to choose the siding that you want carefully, as it can directly influence the value of your property.

Stucco is one popular siding option, and is often found on mission, Spanish, and Mediterranean style homes. Traditional stucco is made of a cement mixture, and %u2018mock’ stucco siding is made of synthetic materials. Walls that are made of genuine stucco are more solid than their synthetic counterpart, and are less likely to suffer damage from a heavy blow. Quality synthetic stucco can still be quite durable. One of the benefits of stucco is the fact that you can tint it, and may never need to paint it after the stucco siding has been applied. Though it became popular in America in the twentieth century, the concept of using a cement mixture actually goes back to ancient times.

Vinyl siding is one of if not the most popular choice among home owners in the United States and is quickly gaining popularity around the world. Vinyl siding is popular because it is available in several different colors and will not flake or rot. This type of siding also does not need to be painted, though it does need to be washed about once a year in order to keep it looking like new. Vinyl also has the ability to mimic architectural details that were once only made from wood. While vinyl siding is quite durable, it is not permanent. Violent winds can sometimes get underneath the thin sheets and lift the panel off of the wall. Debris blown about by strong winds can possibly puncture vinyl siding, as can strong hail. Once damaged, vinyl siding cannot be patched. Instead, the panel must be replaced.

Aluminum siding is offered by some builders as an alternative to vinyl. This type of siding is susceptible to dents and fading, but it won’t crack the way that vinyl siding does. Unlike many other forms of siding, aluminum is very low maintenance. Because of this, it has become a popular choice for newer homes. Like vinyl, aluminum is also available in an impressive array of colors, as well as a variety of textures.

For those that prefer a more traditional or classic look, there is the option of brick and brick veneer siding. While not available in unusual colors, brick siding is available in an variety of earthy tones. It is more expensive than other siding options, but can last for centuries. Most brick siding won’t need any maintenance or repairs for the first twenty-five years after it has been installed. This is one of the biggest reasons that people go with brick siding. Brick veneer can be as attractive as its solid counterpart, but does not have the longevity that solid brick provides.

These are just a few of the multitude of options available for siding. There are also wood and stone options available as well. No matter where your tastes run, there’s most likely a siding option that will provide the look you’re after. Simply changing the color of your siding can cause a significant change in the overall look of your house. The options range in price from moderate to expensive. Be sure to do a considerable amount of research to find all of the pros and cons of various types of sidings before deciding which one you’re going to invest in.

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