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What Is Cabinet Refacing?

A kitchen is one of the main selling points in a house. However, someone putting their house on the market may not have the time or the money to completely revamp their kitchen. Cabinet refacing is a simple way to make a dull and outdated kitchen look new and modern without breaking the bank.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is when a homeowner adds laminate covers, new hardware, and possibly new doors to their old cabinets in order to improve their appearance. The finished product can look just like new, and greatly improve the overall appeal of the kitchen.

Cabinet refacing is much less expensive than tearing out the cabinets and replacing them with completely new cabinetry, yet the results can be just as nice. When refacing cabinets, a homeowner can replace the cabinet doors, change the handles and hinges, alter the molding, and replace the fronts of drawers, and more. New hardware can add style and personal flair to any kitchen and can instantly transform a cabinet from outdated to modern.

When refacing, one can refinish their existing cabinets in a new color and install matching cabinet drawer and door fronts, or they can install a veneer over drawers and doors. Cabinet veneers are available in glossy or matte as well as a variety of wood-like finishes, including oak and cherry.

To complete the job and give the kitchen a finished, polished look, a homeowner may buy extra wood or veneer and cover exposed edges. The insides of the cabinets are also stained, painted, repaired, and refinished.

Some homeowners like to add crown molding to their cabinetry when refacing. This gives the cabinet dimension and looks very professional.

Why Would Someone Reface Their Cabinets?

Cabinet refacing is a great way to revamp a kitchen without the huge expense of purchasing new cabinetry. It costs 30-50% less to reface cabinets than to replace them.

The cost and length of time it takes to resurface cabinets varies depending on a personís experience level, how many cabinets they are going to resurface, and the supplies they use. Refacing can take just as long as installing new cabinets. Most refacing projects can be completed in under a week.

Refacing does not affect other parts of the kitchen, like appliances or countertops, nor does it involve tearing things out. This is an advantage over replacing cabinets, because when replacing cabinets the kitchen cannot be used.

Does Someone Need A Contractor To Reface Cabinets?

Cabinet veneers are not difficult to apply, nor are new cabinet doors hard to install. Even someone with very little do-it-yourself experience can reface their own cabinets. Special refacing tools can be purchased at a home improvement store to make the job easier. Step-by-step instruction books can be purchased as well, or found online.

However, there are companies that resurface cabinets for homeowners. They work closely with a buyer to help them choose the perfect colors and styles, and then have the job completed within 2-3 days. They guarantee there will be no wall or floor damage or any mess for the buyer to deal with once the job is finished.

Cabinet refacing adds value to a home and makes it more likely to sell by making it more aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners donít have to worry about having to mess with wiring and plumbing. All they need is to go to the local home improvement store and choose the new doors or laminate they want and pick out matching hardware. Then, with a little patience and hard work, their kitchen will be transformed into something new and exciting.

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