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Why Buy Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are an easy way to add beauty to oneís home while at the same time increasing energy efficiency. Old windows can be drafty and their colors and styles outdated. New windows refresh the look of an older house while also preventing air from leaking out. Itís a wise investment for any property.

What Are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are new windows that are installed in a pre-existing frame, replacing old windows. Older, single frame windows allow heat to escape during the winter and overheat a house in the summer. There are many environmentally friendly replacement windows on the market.

Replacement windows are not cheap, and, according to Remodeling Magazine, 10 new windows costs approximately $9,684. A homeowner should carefully consider the colors, materials, designs, and energy efficiency features that best fit their needs and home.

Window frames come in a variety of colors and materials. They can be made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. Wood window frames are very attractive and are great insulators, but require maintenance like painting and staining. Vinyl window frames are less expensive and low maintenance while still being very energy efficient. Aluminum frames are a good choice, but allow heat through. Fiberglass frames are very durable. One type is not necessarily better than another, and the choice of frame material is one of personal preference.

Replacing single pane windows with double pane varieties saves a lot of energy. Low-E coatings also reduce the amount of heat that can escape through the glass.

There are many types of glass to choose from, including argon glass, hard coat, low-E glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, and more. The type of glass a homeowner chooses should depend on the direction the window faces, heat retention problems, and building codes.

How Are They Installed?

Homeowners can hire someone to install their new windows, or they can do it themselves in about 45 minutes per window.

Before purchasing new windows, a homeowner should take careful measurements from inside their home. They need to find the proper width and height of the frame, taking multiple measurements to be sure they are accurate.

Next, the old window sashes must be removed. The interior window stop pieces are then carefully removed. Once the window sashes are removed, the sill should be thoroughly cleaned and holes filled in with caulk.

Before installing the new window, lay caulking along the inside of the outside window stop. Insert the window. Secure the header, making sure there are no gaps between the top of the window and the frame. Caulk the inside of the window, install stops, and enjoy the new windows.

If hiring a contractor to install the windows, check out their personal references to find out how happy previous customers were with their work. The Better Business Bureau also will be able to provide a consumer with information about businesses and contractors.

Carefully read the labor contract and make sure that there is a guarantee about windows being properly installed. Also be sure that they have workers compensation and liability insurance. Never deal with a company that pressures their customers to purchase a certain type of window or are generally unpleasant to deal with.

After the contractors are finished, carefully check the work and make sure that the window is properly installed. An improperly installed window will not work properly.

Why Buy Replacement Windows?

New windows can make a home much more environmentally friendly. In fact, the federal government is offering tax credits for increasing energy efficiency. This includes purchasing and installing Energy Star replacement windows. The tax credit is 30% of cost, or up to $1500.

If the energy savings outweigh or balance out the cost of purchasing replacement windows, than a homeowner should definitely consider revamping their windows. It increases home value and can prove to be a wise investment.

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